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Fur & Leather Cleaning

Clean and Revitalize your Fur & Leather

Cleaning of Leather and Fur in Montreal

Fur Cleaning Montreal

Your luxurious, elegant, and expensive fur coat and accessories must be treated with the special care they deserve. At Sparkle Fur Cleaners Montreal we have the expertise and experience to give your fur garments a truly royal treatment.

During the brutal Montreal winter, dust, dirt, and salts stick to your fur and must be professionally removed in order to keep its original look longer. In addition, fur absorbs odors and dirt very easily.

Leather and Suede Cleaning in Montreal

We offer a professional cleaning and restoration service of your Leather & Suede products. Your garments will go through a very specialized and careful process to restore the color and look.  Our unique hand cleaning process enables us to offer cleaning and color restoration services on most leather and suede items.

With over 20 years of leather and suede cleaning in Montreal, we are confident in our ability to take good care of your most precious pieces of leather and suede.

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