Designer & Couture Cleaning

Specialized Care of Your Favourite Garments

Montreal Designer Garment Cleaning

The designer garment cleaning team at Sparkle cleaners Montreal will take special care of your favourite high end designer and couture garments. From delicate silk dresses, wool suits, designer bags and purses to fur and leather coats, sparkle cleaners will do a perfect cleaning job every time to keep that sharp new look as long as possible. 

At Sparkle cleaners Montreal, we use the most advanced processes that ensure the best results every time.

Our Montreal Specialty Cleaning Service Include:

  • Designer Dress Cleaning
  • Wedding Dress Cleaning
  • Designer Bags and Purse Cleaning
  • Designer Suit & Tuxedo Cleaning
  • Silk and Specialty Fabric Cleaning

Montreal's Premium Dry Cleaning


For More Information About our Cleaning Services Call 514-486-0923 or Write to Us:

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